Cultivation Under The Microscope

Cultivation Under The Microscope

Our CEO Guy N. Michrowski recently participated in a #cultivatedmeat panel at the Future Food-Tech San Francisco summit alongside other prominent leaders in the field, including Michael Selden, CEO of Finless Foods, and George Peppou, CEO of Vow.

During the discussion, the panelists emphasized the importance of innovation and collaboration in achieving a sustainable future for food. They shared their valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities facing the cultivated meat industry, consumer acceptance, and regulation, and discussed how to accelerate the development of cell-based meat technologies to make them more accessible to consumers around the world.
Big thanks to Elizabeth Crawford from FoodNavigator for hosting this insightful panel.

At Profuse, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of cell-based meat technology by enabling solutions for more efficient, cost-competitive and nutritious muscle tissue production.

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