A new cell line from ProFuse Technology for growing cultivated beef muscle tissue

The PROFUSE-B8 is a pioneering spontaneously immortalized bovine myoblast cell line available for licensing. This innovative product is introducing a paradigm shift in the efficient cultivation of protein-rich muscle tissue.

Extensively researched and tested over a comprehensive two-year period, the PROFUSE-B8 cell line presents cultivated meat producers with a stable and robust foundation for the development of scalable, repeatable, and cost-competitive production processes. Notably, B8 achieves this without resorting to genetic modification technology, ensuring optimal alignment with consumer preferences and acceptance.

Complementing its groundbreaking attributes, when integrated with the PROFUSE-S1 muscle differentiation media supplement muscle tissue production is accelerated, offering increased efficiency within shorter production times.

The PROFUSE-B8 cell line is now available for licensing to cultivated meat providers. Evaluation License includes:

PROFUSE-B8 Muscle Cultivation Performance

Differentiation Media (DM)

Myotubes (α actinin) / Nuclei


PROFUSE-S1 enhances
bovine myoblast cells
(48 hours post treatment)

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