Skeletal Muscle Cell Differentiation
& Maturation Supplement

PROFUSE-S1 is a media supplement that significantly accelerates differentiation, fusion, and maturation rate of muscle progenitor cells with significantly shorter time to endpoint studies. PROFUSE-S1 can be used on various cells and media types including serum free media formulations

Differentiation Media (DM)


Myotubes (α actinin) / Nuclei

PROFUSE-S1 enhances
bovine myoblast cells
(48 hours post treatment)

Differentiation Media (DM)


Myotubes (MyHC) / Nuclei

PROFUSE-S1 enhances
C2C12 differentiation
(72 hours post treatment)

PROFUSE-S1 enables the ability to:

Validated on primary myoblasts of various species (murine, bovine, ovine, porcine, avian, and piscine). Predicted to work on human cells.

Effective on immortalized myoblast cells including C2C12 cells, and on transdifferentiated fibroblasts.

Effective on myoblasts used for the generation of 3D engineered bioartificial muscles using scaffolds and various hydrogels.

Effective in serum-containing media as well as chemically defined serum free media formulations.


One vial is sufficient for 1.5 liter of media


Expiry and storage conditions

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