The cultured meat opportunity depends mostly on cost reduction of the differentiation and maturation production stage. We at ProFuse understand and optimize the cell differentiation, fusion and maturation production stage of cultured meat, which contributes ~50% of its cost
The cultured meat production cost drivers, with Differentiation and Maturation contributing ~50% of the cost (red bar)

The company developed a novel and exceptionally efficient solution, which reduces production time, increase yield and enhances the production capacity of cultured meat by accelerating muscle fiber growth.

A benchmark of cell differentiation and fusion into muscle over 24 hours
The solutions and additives we offer are based on the activation (patent pending) of a biochemical signaling pathway which acts at two distinct phases of myogenesis, by accelerating differentiation and enhancing fusion of myoblasts.
Benchmark of ProFuse’s technology applied to chicken-derived muscle precursor cells vs. standard differentiation media treatment
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